Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Open up!

Ah, the day is finally here.  A day that some dread (twice a year), but for me, it is pure bliss...
Yes, that's right. I LOVE going to the dentist!  Most people hate it, but I love it.  It's like a manicure in your mouth.  I know you love manicures, right?  I don't know why. I've had some serious dental work done since the day I busted out the top front tooth in the 2nd grade.  I've got a piece of porcelain where my toothy once was and several root canals to prove it, but I still love going.  In just a few short hours, my teeth will be pristine!

So riddle me this...what regular thing do you love / hate?  And ladies, don't put that.  We all hate that.


  1. Oh my God, I can't even describe my hatred of going to the dentist. I've said a hundred times that I would take a gynecologist visit over a dentist vist. All the scraping, the saliva, that stupid drill whirring in circles against my teeth... it gives me chills. And this is someone who's never had more than a routine cleaning! God help me if I get a cavity!

  2. ugh. i hate the dentist too! it's the chair... the leaning back and having the dentist stand over you... just makes me feel vulnerable and out in the open- totally hate it!

  3. Enjoy...Hope it goes well and that you are satisfied with the end results.

  4. Cleaning floors or bathrooms. I so detest them.

    Great question!