Monday, April 11, 2011

By Any Means Necessary...

Well, if you follow the fabulous Kristin you've already read by now that we had an amazing day this past Saturday at Teen Book Con.  She took very fabulous notes, so feel free to clicky and read what the all of the authors had to say.

I, however, am horrible at taking notes.  I think it's the one thing involving multi-tasking that I am not so great at -- listening / writing.  I did listen, and absorbed all that I could.  Deb Caletti was the keynote speaker for this event.  I haven't read anything of hers (yet) but I was really touched by her story. I won't ruin it for anyone that may have the chance to hear her speak, but she said something that stuck with me.  This is of course, not verbatim, but to get out of her rotten situation, one that would make most of us crumble, she found strength in her writing.  She knew that she had to do whatever it took to make this (writing) happen.
In other words…by any means necessary. Her words choked me up a little. Ok, a lot. The things that I let hold me back were nothing in comparison to what she had been through, but she didn't roll over...she made it happen.

So, that is how my day started. I got fired up and ready for the greatness. We went on to the paranormal panel - Rachel Hawkins, Saundra Mitchell, Joy Preble, Stacey Kade, and the ever so lovely Andrea Cremer. We took a quick lunch break and went on to the "lighter" side of YA - the love! Deb Caletti, Lindsey Leavitt, Stephanie Perkins, and Kristen Tracy. Next we went to the dark side. Seriously. Gail Giles, Lauren Myracle, Elizabeth Scott, and Ellen Hopkins. DARK.  SIDE.  We headed back to the paranormal team…because they were so amazeballs the first time!  I felt like a VIP at a rock concert by the time we were done with the panels and the signings. Everyone was super sweet, and so gracious. As soon as we mentioned the fact that we blogged they would ask about our blog, what it was called…genuinely interested. I picked up a few new reads and added them to my ever-growing TBR pile. I'll hit that goal of 50 for 2011 before I know it!    I share with you now, me and Stephanie Perkins (left) and Andrea Cremer (right)

I absorbed what I could, and I will share with you my favorite points from the day
-Don't try to follow a trend. By the time your book is out that trend will be long gone and a new one in its place. Just write the best book you can.
-Do what ever it takes to make it happen
-Everyone has a different approach to things. Some outline, others just write. Some write chronologically, others write as it comes. No one way is right or wrong. Just keep writing!
-Stephanie Perkins is adorable!
-Andrea Cremer is one of the most educated, well spoken people I have ever met!

Happy Monday - have a great week!


  1. I second all these points!! And thanks for the reminder about not trying to follow a trend. Write the best book you can. GREAT advice! I'm going to sticky-note that right now. :)

  2. What an awesome experience! I loved your favorite points. Great advice :) Thanks for sharing.