Monday, April 18, 2011

Off to see the wizard...or maybe the in-laws....

Toto, we aren't in Texas anymore.  We're in Wisconsin.  Or we will be later today anyway.  The average high this week will be 40 degrees, the average low is 30.   It will rain 4 out of the 6 days that I will be here, with one of those days to include SNOW.   Just to let you know, in Texas it will be high 80's the entire time I am gone.  There's a word for this.  I believe it is craptastic.  The upside?  A beautiful 5 year old girl and a charming 2 year old boy that I get to spoil to oblivion in these 6 days.  Overall, life is great!

My in-laws don't actually have internet access (yeah, I know...) so we aren't bringing our laptops.  So don't worry, I'll be back soon to lurk, stalk, and bore you to tears.

I hope you have a fabulous week, and I hope your muses are all talking to you as much as mine is talking to me!


  1. Have a great week! Hope you get in some relaxation and that can't wait to hear all of your new ideas when you get back!

  2. No internet access? Sounds primitive. Do they have mochas? Have fun!!