Tuesday, March 29, 2011

That's a negative, ghost rider...

Yes, I know. What can I say? Top Gun is one of my favorite movies of all time. There is something about seeing military aircraft in action that gives me a sense of pride. I only go to airshows for the fighter jets, harriers, and of course the Blue Angels. My love for Top Gun might also have something to do with the shirtless, oiled, ripped boys playing volleyball. Dear Val Kilmer, can you please revert to Iceman status STAT?
Anyway, it actually refers to what is going on in my brain in regards to my story. Absolutely nothing, still. Nada. Zilch. Zero. This is normal, right.  RIGHT?

OK, I exaggerate...maybe a short dialogue here and there...but it's completely random as far as order is concerned. In a few weeks I should be traveling up north to the location that I am actually writing about. I plan to spend one day by the lake doing absolutely nothing but writing. My brother in law is a park ranger so I'll have the inside scoop on the best locations if I please. It will be hard to stay away from my oh-so-adorable niece and nephew for a day but I'm going to try. It's very difficult to ignore my Heidi Belle when she says "Auntie Heaver will you play Barbies with me?" My heart melts every time.

So here's to being inspired, right? Or maybe here's to having someone in your life that makes your heart melt?! Either way..I'm winning, duh!

Friday, March 25, 2011

...but tonight, I'm cleaning out my closet...

Tomorrow I am participating in a garage sale with a friend of mine, so I've been spending my evenings finding things I don't need or want anymore.  While I've been sorting, pricing, and purging I have had a lot of time with my thoughts.  Many of the items represent my inability to delay gratification.  Others represent a time in my life, whether good or bad, but lately I am focused more on the latter, and I have decided that I don't want to be anymore. I have let my past hold me back for the absolute last time.

I feel like the physical clutter is preventing me from concentrating most days when I sit down to write.  I feel like the mental clutter is preventing me from saying goodbye to the past.  I've decided that it's time to get rid of them both.  Time to get rid of the clothes and the people that just don't fit anymore.  Harsh, yes.  Necessary, heck yes.  Will it be hard?  Absolutely.  2011 will be the year I let go of it all.  No more clutter, no more excess, and no more drama (except in my book).

So I am cleaning out my closets literally and metaphorically.  Out with old, in with the...well, I don't need new.  Definitely out with the old.  A five bedroom house that only contains two people should not be overflowing with...well...junk!  It's difficult when the tugboat refuses to part with anything.  It's good for him that he's cute and treats me like a queen!  I need to focus on him and not what came before him.  Today I put on my big girl underpants, and I am moving on!  I might even make some money in the process.

Are you Spring Cleaning?  What are you getting rid of?

Happy Friday Ya'll!  Make this weekend a great one!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ten Things on Thursday

1. I'm having a hard time writing lately.  My MC just isn't speaking to me right now. Isn't it too early for that?  I know I am very much in the early stages -- brainstorming, character building, research...but I just really want to get the words out.  I just seem to have misplaced them all.

2. I saw a movie last night. A BAD one.  I won't name names, but it was just abysmal. We laughed the entire time from the story, to the acting, to the cheesy looks everyone gave each other.  I've decided that the very famous person in this movie must have lost a bet to act in this.

3. A very old wound was reopened this week.  It's funny to me how someone who has wronged so severely can just act like nothing happened.  I don't care if it's been 15 years.  The events of that day changed my life in ways I can't explain.  Is it wrong to expect someone to apologize after so long? Just a quick - "Hey, how's life? I'm sorry that I lied about you, to you, threw you out on the street with nowhere to go. Oh, and yeah, sorry about punching you and breaking your glasses."
Is that too much to ask?

4. I really hate preparing for garage sales.

5. I am absolutely obsessed with Carrie Ryan this week.

6. I need to find something about me that I like - a feature.  I can easily make a list of the things about me I hate, but I can't find one single that I like.  No, I really am NOT fishing for compliments.  I'm talking physical features.  It's harder than it sounds.

7. I long to be pure of mind and of heart.  I need to figure out how to get there.

8. I am planning to for the first time ever go to a midnight showing of a movie.  Harry Potter deserves such a send off, I believe.

9.  I vowed last year never to dye my hair again.  I am 35 and probably 60-70% grey.  It's almost halfway grown out.  It's patchy but some underneath parts are totally white.  I was cleaning and found some old boxes of dye under the cabinet.  I am SO tempted right now...must..be.strong.

10.  I am so jealous that all of you have so much to offer in terms of writing advice and experience.  I am also very appreciative of all you for the same reasons.  I am soaking it up like a little, well - chubby, sponge and one day I hope to blow your minds with something that I can give back to you.  For now, I am content being the court jester.

As always, Happy Friday Eve, y'all!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

C'mon baby, let's get to it. Strike a prose, there's nothing to it....

Let's talk about prose, bay-bee.  (Ok, I'm done with the 90's song references...for now)

Seriously, let's talk about prose, because I am really confused.  I won Delirium by Lauren Oliver in a contest.  I started looking into it and kept seeing comments about it being written in prose.  For some reason my mind went to poetry, but whatever.  A lot of the reviews on Goodreads commented about the book being written in prose. A LOT. 

So I started reading it (I loved it by the way) but it just seemed like another book to me.  Maybe it's my lack of education, I don't know.  So I started looking into "prose" and all I can find is that it's basically the most common way of writing and most books are written this way.  If this is the case, what's the big deal?  There are comments on Goodreads that say things like "Oliver has mastered writing in prose" or "the prose is beautifully written".  It's a beautifully written book, don't get me wrong...but I just don't get it.

Am I missing something? If so, can someone please explain to me what I am missing?  If prose is most common, what other types of writing are books being written in?  HELP!

PS - hope you're having a great week!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Sanctuary, on a personal level, is where we perform the job of taking care of our soul.” - Christopher Forrest McDowell

Hope you're having a great week!   I wish I had something clever to write here.  I wish I could tell you that I've written 3000 words for my WiP, but I've written maybe 100 words.  It's been an exhausting and dramatic week and I won't bore you with the details -- but it involves neighbors, barking dogs, cops, handcuffs, and citations.  Seems like it would be good book material, but I don't really know where to fit all that in just yet.  I need to deal with it in real life before I can do that, me thinks.

Where do you write your best work?  I like working in my office upstairs, but sometimes find myself distracted - mainly by the need to clean and organize this disaster area.  Plus, there's a dog that barks 24-7 that grates every nerve that I have.  I've tried writing in Starbucks but I find too much is going on - coffee grinders, pissy baristas, music, etc.  K-Rae and I tried Borders which wasn't terrible...but I think our Borders is haunted! Or just overrun by the Solar and Lunar Power convention.

So what kind of environment do you write best in?  Silent? Full of music? Inside? Outside?
Where is your sanctuary? 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Let's give 'em something to blog about....how about love? Love? Love!

Happy Monday to YOU! Missing that hour yet? I am! I didn't believe my alarm when it went off this morning - since it was still so dark outside and all. I worked in the yard this weekend. I picked up something and it had little pricklies in in...one of those plants where the pricklies are unseen until you touch them. Now my left hand is ouchy, and I can't see the shards of prickly to pull them out because they are microscopic. I won't talk about the splotches on my arm from trimming back the Sago Palms, or the huge welt on the back of my leg from whatever has bitten me. I also won't talk about the baby snakes that made me scream like a little boy either...

What I do want to talk about is love. In your stories. I let someone read something I had written for my WIP and it brought up a good topic for discussion. I had written an "a-ha" moment and my friend said something that implied that maybe it was too soon to use the word "love", or "in love with". She's totally right here, which is why she's my beta reader / crit buddy -- she's truly the voice of reason. Would my MC be able to say that they loved this person so soon? The one point we agree on is how "love" is tossed around very genorously in most YA novels. Not that I have a problem with that...

So this brings me to the question of the day. Do you think a character can say that she/he "loves" another character before they've really are together? Get your mind out of the gutters...I just mean together as in they've finally gotten together. Seriously - when is it ok to use "love"? Your thoughts?

Friday, March 11, 2011

In which I write an open letter to Stephenie Meyer....

Now, before I post my letter and get all twi-hardy on you, I must explainy.
Every week in the Alice Marvels newsletter there's a prompt...like "Who's your favorite villian" or "Who is your favorite vampire".  You enter and if your answer is witty and cool enough, you win whatever book is being given away that week.  If you've been paying attention, it was my entry, and then my win, that made Kristin encourage me to write, blog, etc.  It's why I'm here.  Alice told both Kristin and I that we could win as much as we wanted, so we enter as we see fit -- when it's a book we want.

This week, the prompt was "if you could see into any book character's future, whose would you peer into?".  Kristin's was bloody brilliant and she totally deserved to win.  I'll let her share it with you as to not steal her thunder.  Mine was farking hilarious, or I thought so anyway.  But neither of us won this week and I'm pretty irked about it.  Ok, so I'm a sore loser.  But since I could not think of anything funny to blog about today, I thought I would share with you. Because you guys rock!

Enjoy...I hope...

An Open Letter To Stephenie Meyer:

Dear Mrs. Meyer,

It's been a while since I have heard from you. I can only assume you are just swamped writing a sequel to The Host and all. Anyway, let me get right to the point. The Twilight Saga was Bella's story. Eddie and Bells get the happy ending that they deserve. What I don't quite understand is what happens to Jacob? Now, I must emphasize that I am or was never Team Jacob or even Team Edward (Jasper + Uniform = Yum). I did, however, always believe that Jacob deserved true happiness, and with Bella being off the market and all, having him imprint on her half vampire / half human daughter was a true stroke of genius. Jake is too good, too pure to be left heartbroken and alone. I am glad to see that he was given what he needed -- someone to love that will love him back. I love that his feelings for Bella and the pain they caused him were replaced with his adoration for Nessie, thus allowing Bella and Edward to get on with their lives. I mean, Bella married Ed and had his spawn. Jacob was obviously out of the running, right? Time to move on, Jake!

So what I need to know is: How does it all work? How will the laws of nature and the history between the two clans relate to their future? It'll be a few years before they can actually be an item. I know Jacob will be by her side during this time, but what happens when she's of age? Will they be able to have a full and happy life, like the one that he promised Bella? Will they be able to marry? Have....babies? Puppies? Something? What happens if they grow up together only to find they can't do these things? Can he un-imprint? Can he be with someone else? Will he just revert to Bella at some point? Can Leah imprint on HIM? Since Alice can't really "see" either of them, it's not like you can just do a quick flash forward, right?

Now, if I were you, I would have already designated a room in my house as "the money room" and would be spending my days rolling around in all the cash. All day, every day. Better yet, I'd build a pool in the backyard and fill it with money, not water. I'd just spend my days doing laps back and forth in it, but only after I'd had some time in the money room. But seriously, I need these questions answered. Really soon, please. I mean, go ahead and finish the sequel to The Host, because I need that too, but please...when you have some time out of the money pool, can you let me know? I know in that brilliant little mind of yours, you see their future. I beg you to share it with me.

In Carlisle We Trust,
Your Number One Fan

P.S. Seriously - The Host sequel, ASAP!

Have a great weekend ya'll!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Microphone checka, one two checka...

It's Friday Eve, Y'all!  Party over here!

Well, actually, the party was last Friday at Blue Willow Bookshop!  The attendees?  Well, there's the always fabulous K-Rae, the lovely Jen , her sweet sister Kim, and Meredith, my newest stalkee. Before the show, the girls and I met up at a cute little bistro nearby, had some great food, and fought our way through the waves of traffic...oh alright it was just across the street...to BWB.

The guests of honor?  Well that would be Rachel Hawkins, author of Hex Hall and Demonglass, and Sarwat Chadda, author of Devil's Kiss and Dark Goddess. 
Rachel spoke first, about how she became a writer and how her job at the time was sucking the life out of her (hmm...sounds...familiar...) and then she read a passage from Demonglass.  I'm about halfway through it and can't wait to finish.

Sarwat was next, and to be completely honest, I had not heard of him before this event was announced.  I was undecided if his books would be for me.  Then, he began speaking. I LOVE HIM!   He touched on the history behind his stories and I was completely and utterly amazed at what he puts into his work.  And a little overwhelmed on what I should be putting into mine.  He was so enthusiastic and REAL (and he likes zombies too)!  He was trying to compare the darkness of his book, Devil's Kiss, to something we could relate to, and as soon as he said, "Does anyone watch The Walking Dead?" my hand shot up (alone, I might add) and after that I felt he was talking directly to ME!  Then he started reading a passage from Devil's Kiss -- I knew right away that I had to read this book.  I have a pretty large TBR pile, but this one is being moved to top of the line! My only regret is that after they spoke, things got a little confusing and I didn't get a picture with him.  Next time, my zombie loving friend, next time!

Miss K-Rae got a shot of me with Rachel Hawkins, which I am pleased to share with you all.
Yes, that's me.  On the right.  35-44.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'd like to thank the Academy....and the Adonis DNA...

Well, to my surprise, since we last met, I received not one but TWO stylish blogger awards.  Since I am new here I was really shocked to see something like that at all, let alone so soon.

Award #1 was from Diana.  If you aren't following her you should be. She's recently posted some amazing photo/writing excercises and I really really hope that they turn into something more than just a short story.  I wish I could find her words.

Award #2 is from Michelle.  Again, clicky to the left, then clicky at the top where it says "follow".  I really love how she sprinkles images into her posts.  It makes the entry even more fun!

Now, according to the rules, I am supposed to nominate some others to get one.  Here is my thought on that.  I am reserving that right for a later date.  I have been here exactly one month and one day.   I am not sure if I am in a position to judge any of you.  Besides, I love something different about ALL of your blogs.  It would not be fair to choose some over others.  So one day, it will hit me, and I'll do it...I am just not ready :)

According to the other rules, I am supposed to tell y'all some things about me.  Well, this shouldn't be so bad...

1.  I have 3 turtles.  Myrtle (the turtle), Charlie, and Tim.  Tim is a girl, something we did not know until we caught her and Charlie together.  Yes, I am serious.  Somewhere there is photographic evidence. She laid an egg once.  Not sure where it went, but it did not become a baby turtle.   Thought I would share since some people wondered about turtles as pets.  They are pretty easy.

2.  Not easy are the 5 cats I currently have.  Yes, I know, insane but I am a sucker for a stray of any kind.   It used to be 6 but our beloved Muffin died a couple of years ago from kidney failure.  This last year we almost lost our Snick to a kidney stone. One of them, Devlin,  is diabetic.  Dusti is schizophrenic.  Abbie just has bad breath.  I love them all dearly - but after they are gone, no more kitties for me. 

3. I met my husband, known as Tugboat from here on out, over the phone at my first "real" job.  I was living all alone in Minneapolis, working on the railroad (all the livelong day) and he worked in the rail yard in Indiana, very close to where I grew up/went to high school, etc.  We started chatting a lot which led to late night phone calls after work, some calls lasted 12 hours.  After a few months we decided to meet.  I drove home to stay with my bestie from HS, and met up with him.  A few trips back and forth, and I left the railroad to be with him.  We met and married within 6 months.  He's older than me by almost 12 years.  We've been married 11 years.

4.  I am addicted to ALL things shiny.  I am, pardon mah french, a gadget whore.  I can't help it.  I need detox.  It's all I can do to not buy an iPad even though I have absolutely NO use for one whatsoever.   I have to keep my eye on the prize -- because I want to quit my job and stay home full time.  I can't do that until my shiny addiction has been cured.   I mean, in my defense, how do you say no to Jacob Black's abs on 73" of high definition? Yes, that is a Kinect Sensor.  Yes, I love it. Told you, addict.

5.  I am a gamergirl.  Somewhat hard core.  I like blowing things up and killing zombies.  If you are by chance on XBOX live, hit me up - MissPriss75.  Make sure you bring it.

6.  Speaking of, I have a very unhealthy obsession with the undead.  The release of The Dark and Hollow Places cannot get here soon enough, for more reasons than one.  Feel free to suggest zombie related books of all kind to me at your earliest convenience.

7.   I took a survey the other day.  For the first time I had to check the "35-44" box.  It was horrifying.  I was like, 35-44??  How did we get here?  What have I accomplished?  Well, I'll tell ya.  I'm married to a man that would do anything for me.  While I hate going to work, I have a really good job that pays well and has good benefits.  It's not a career, but it serves a purpose.  Because of said job I can afford to have the shiny if I want it.  I rock as a gamergirl, and I've made some pretty good friends because of it.  And when the zombies do come,  I'll be kicking a$$ and taking names, so ya'll are welcome at my bunker.  I have a family that loves me, and and I have friends that love me even more, which is cool since they don't really have to.  Oh, and in case you haven't heard, I am writing a book.  Yeah, so what have accomplished?  A lot.  I may not have everything I want, but I sure have everything I need.

So, thanks again ladies, for the award (s).  When the time is right, I will pass them on with pride :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Teaser Friday Five. Wait, there's nothing catchy about that.

I am so very thankful to have survived the week still employed and not incarcerated.   It helps to have a great support team to keep me off of the brink.

So, today I get to meet a couple of you - Meredith (waving hi - you're now being stalked by moi), and Jen.  We, Kristin Rae included of course, will be hanging out with the fabulous Rachel Hawkins to celebrate Demonglass, follow up to Hex Hall.  There'll be fun for sure!  I get to add Demonglass to my already overwhelming pile of books to be read this year.  See exhibit A:

Thanks to the wonderful Kristi for the signed Nightshade, Matched, and Across the Universe.  And if you havent read ATU, what is holding you back? Amazing book!

I'm super excited for the event but as part of my random list of five this week, there are some reasons why I am nervous.
1.  I'm a big girl with low self esteem
2. Because of number one, I hate to be photographed, and hate to see photographs of myself
3. I know that there will be photography and posted photos of said event
4. I am putting on my big girl britches in more than one way today and getting over it so I won't be uncomfortably nervous in front of new people.
5 I'm really hungry at inappropriate times. That's why number one is an issue.

Anyway...I said teaser Friday Five.  So yea, buried somewhere in this post is a clue to what I am writing about :)  Enjoy.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This is the title of today's blog!

Let's see, what can I tell you that you might be interested in?

I've almost quit my job maybe 4 times this week.  I have to remember that it pays well, and has more vacation than I need, so I have to stick it out for the sake of my family until some things are paid off and I can quit and stay home!  I do have a much needed appointment with the HR director tomorrow, so I am hoping this makes me feel better, and not worse. 
Moving on, my 2 year old iPhone 3G gave up the ghost today.  I could probably still use it but I like music and I don't want to deal with my music skipping around.  Downside, I thought that a problem I was having with my car dock was my phone, turns out it's the dock, so thats something I need to fix, and the dock doesn't want to charge the iPhone 4.  I really didnt want to get a 4, was holding out for a 5 this summer, but my phone just didnt want to do much anymore.  But it's new, and shiny (no comments from the peanut gallery and you know who you are) and its FAST.  It took my old phone 5 mins to open netflix, new phone opens netflix in less than 3 seconds. BAM!
I am very behind reading blogs, or more accurately,  commenting on them, so bear with me - because I've been on the edge of sanity all week and just have to "get right" before the weekend.  I have done just a smidge of writing but it was mostly crap so I scrapped most of it.

I believe that it's time for me to go downstairs and watch some Jacob Black goodness, something I haven't done since I got my new 73" TV.  That's right - Jacob Black abs on 73 inches of high definition.  C'mon, I know you are tres jealous.

A special shout out to my in house therapist, you know who you are, xoxo - Rainbow Brite

Goodnight moon!