Tuesday, March 29, 2011

That's a negative, ghost rider...

Yes, I know. What can I say? Top Gun is one of my favorite movies of all time. There is something about seeing military aircraft in action that gives me a sense of pride. I only go to airshows for the fighter jets, harriers, and of course the Blue Angels. My love for Top Gun might also have something to do with the shirtless, oiled, ripped boys playing volleyball. Dear Val Kilmer, can you please revert to Iceman status STAT?
Anyway, it actually refers to what is going on in my brain in regards to my story. Absolutely nothing, still. Nada. Zilch. Zero. This is normal, right.  RIGHT?

OK, I exaggerate...maybe a short dialogue here and there...but it's completely random as far as order is concerned. In a few weeks I should be traveling up north to the location that I am actually writing about. I plan to spend one day by the lake doing absolutely nothing but writing. My brother in law is a park ranger so I'll have the inside scoop on the best locations if I please. It will be hard to stay away from my oh-so-adorable niece and nephew for a day but I'm going to try. It's very difficult to ignore my Heidi Belle when she says "Auntie Heaver will you play Barbies with me?" My heart melts every time.

So here's to being inspired, right? Or maybe here's to having someone in your life that makes your heart melt?! Either way..I'm winning, duh!


  1. Sounds like you'll have such an awesome time! And your niece sounds adorable. :)

  2. Hey Heather, you've won an award on my blog! Stop by and collect it when you have a chance :)

  3. Sounds pretty awesome.

    I just watched Top Gun again the other day. I LOVED that movie - like everyone else - but I can't believe how OLD it looks now!
    That can't possibly be because I'm getting older, right?