Thursday, July 29, 2010

So here we are...

I am tired of being the quinticential negative girl, so instead of voicing my very brutal opinions and truths, I decided to do that here in the privacy of my own little blog. I know, it's a blog, on the internet - so not private.  The difference is that here I will be anonymous and I can be free.

Pretty much every day I run across someone or something that I consider worthy of a "suck it".  By this I mean that this person or situation is such an idiot or is doing something so annoying that I just want to look at them and say, "You know what?  You need to SUCK IT!!".

With that said, today's winner:  A co-worker - the most common type of offender.  Two in this case.  I sit next to a spanish speaking co-worker, known to you as Sue, and on many occasions co-worker #2, Lisa, will come to Sue's desk (again, right next to mine) and have a 10 minute loud conversation -- in Spanish.  Usually when Lisa is talking with Sue, she is standing mostly in MY desk space.  The conversation volume alone is enough to warrant a "suck it" but the fact that it is in Spanish creates the need for a "SUCK IT".  Today's incident was so much more.  Today, Lisa's friend - also a Spanish speaker came over and handed Lisa a plastic bag while she was at Sue's desk - and she proceeded to put said bag on MY desk, in MY document inbox.  If that wasn't enough, every few mins she fondled the bag, causing it to create a noise. ALL WHILE STILL ON MY DESK.

I have photographic evidence: