Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I stand by my original statement...

Hyundai can still suck it.  I took my car in on a Wednesday.  I had not heard anything so I called late Thursday.  I was told that they had ordered a new ignition cylinder and hoped that would do the trick.

Hoped.  Nice.

So Monday, still nothing.  I finally called and asked. It was ready since Thursday.
Me:  "Why didnt anyone call me"
Them: "We called back on Thursday"
Me:  "You didn't call the numbers we left you with"
King Asshat gave me the number he called.  It was hubs work number, that has no voicemail capability and could go to anyone.
Me: "Did you leave a message"
Them:  "I don't recall" 

So I went back to get it, only to find out now that warranty will replace the ignition keys but did not cover to re-key the doors, glove box, and trunk.  So now the key that starts my car will not lock it, so if my electronic key fob ever goes out, I have to carry 2 identical keys.  The cause of said damage?  "Your keychain is too heavy"  Really?  So now I get to carry an extra key on it? SUPER!  And the nice special valet key that came with the car is now worthless, because they wont replace that either.  My car is only 2 1/2 years old for effs sake!

So yea, Hyundai can most definitely suck it.

I am not sure who needs to suck it more, the doctor office or the reason I was there...

I made an appointment with my doctor for today, 9am.  I was told that was the earliest I could get.  I arrived at 8:20 like a good girl. It's been a while so I figured I needed to maybe get there early and do paperwork, get my bloodwork out of the way - whatever.

9am came and went, and I got antsy.  I had to get back to work. 

At 9:30 I finally asked, "How much longer". 
Reply:  "Your appointment is 9." 
Me:  "It's now 9:30.  Can we get started on something like my bloodwork or something?"  Them:  "I don't see you slotted for bloodwork"

Now, this was supposed to be my 6 month check up in regards to my PCOS.  Polycystic Ovaries and what not - lady issues that complicate getting pregnant.  THEY called ME to remind me of the checkup - said time to check my labs, ultrasound (not the easy kind) and such.  Shouldn't they KNOW this?!  So after a few clicks of her mouse she shuffled me back to the lab for the bloodwork.  Whew!  9:45.  Still sitting.  Just after 10, they called my name.
This nurse I knew.  I asked "Whats the delay".
Nurse: "There was someone before you"
Me:  "um, I thought I had the first appt.  I was the first person here"
Nurse: "um...well he had surgeries this morning"

So for these types of visits (see photo) I get the old stirrup treatment.  I sat in this room, undressed from the waist down for another 45 mins.  I know - nice, right?

There's alot more to this story, but it was basically a waste of my time.  I went to the main office that is a VERY long drive (so my husband could come too) and I have no more information than I would have if I would have just went to the local branch office he visits one day a week.  I told them what I wanted on the phone when again, THEY called ME!  Lo and behold, I have to have - more tests - before we can get to the consult, which is why we went ALL the way down to the main office in the first place.  So I was 4 hours late for my job, and now I have to make up my time.

So yea, to my doctor's office - you need to SUCK IT.  Infertility, you can suck it too!

You tell em, Gizmo...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Intergalactical incest or poorly chosen catchphrase?

A friend made this and sent it over today.  I thought it was pretty funny...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Can a car suck it?

I am pretty honked off right now. Car won't start because of the same locked steering column issue as last year. Called roadside assistance and they say they can't tow for free because I've allegedly had 2 tows in the last year. Um, excuse me? I had it towed ONCE, for the same effin reason and if it was fixed it the first time I would NOT be stuck at HOME when I have alot to do and REALLY want some DQ! Hyundai, you need to SUCK IT!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Always at work, someone needs to suck it...

I had a suck-it free weekend.  It's no surprise to me that work brought it on.  I received an email from an internal contact in regards to a dispute on a billing issue.  I replied direct to the customer, told them it was currently rated as per their expectations and asked our invoicing team to send a fresh copy. 

This was the customer's response:

Yes, we know. The email I sent that you are responding to was sent on June 24. This is now Aug 2. The situation was settled by other people responding much sooner. But thanks anyway.

Of course, I did not realize the email was over a month old.  I got it as a new issue and treated it as such.  I did an email search only to find the "people responding much sooner" was ME! I had already resolved this on June 25, so the only thing I was guilty of was not searching before I responded.

My response to her (with her name being changed to protect her asshattery).  I also included a copy of the email chain from June 25.

Hi Hag! Happy Monday to you.
Yes, I believe I assisted with this issue when it came up on June 24. I received today's email from another internal collegue as if this were a new issue and didnt even notice the date. Believe the cargo wasn't pricing correctly because the incorrect customer name was provided at time of booking but seems that we got that cleared up. Sorry I didnt catch that before replying.
Have a great week!

I can't exactly tell a customer to suck it, but I believe that I can consider this a backhanded suck it.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

So here we are...

I am tired of being the quinticential negative girl, so instead of voicing my very brutal opinions and truths, I decided to do that here in the privacy of my own little blog. I know, it's a blog, on the internet - so not private.  The difference is that here I will be anonymous and I can be free.

Pretty much every day I run across someone or something that I consider worthy of a "suck it".  By this I mean that this person or situation is such an idiot or is doing something so annoying that I just want to look at them and say, "You know what?  You need to SUCK IT!!".

With that said, today's winner:  A co-worker - the most common type of offender.  Two in this case.  I sit next to a spanish speaking co-worker, known to you as Sue, and on many occasions co-worker #2, Lisa, will come to Sue's desk (again, right next to mine) and have a 10 minute loud conversation -- in Spanish.  Usually when Lisa is talking with Sue, she is standing mostly in MY desk space.  The conversation volume alone is enough to warrant a "suck it" but the fact that it is in Spanish creates the need for a "SUCK IT".  Today's incident was so much more.  Today, Lisa's friend - also a Spanish speaker came over and handed Lisa a plastic bag while she was at Sue's desk - and she proceeded to put said bag on MY desk, in MY document inbox.  If that wasn't enough, every few mins she fondled the bag, causing it to create a noise. ALL WHILE STILL ON MY DESK.

I have photographic evidence: