Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I am not sure who needs to suck it more, the doctor office or the reason I was there...

I made an appointment with my doctor for today, 9am.  I was told that was the earliest I could get.  I arrived at 8:20 like a good girl. It's been a while so I figured I needed to maybe get there early and do paperwork, get my bloodwork out of the way - whatever.

9am came and went, and I got antsy.  I had to get back to work. 

At 9:30 I finally asked, "How much longer". 
Reply:  "Your appointment is 9." 
Me:  "It's now 9:30.  Can we get started on something like my bloodwork or something?"  Them:  "I don't see you slotted for bloodwork"

Now, this was supposed to be my 6 month check up in regards to my PCOS.  Polycystic Ovaries and what not - lady issues that complicate getting pregnant.  THEY called ME to remind me of the checkup - said time to check my labs, ultrasound (not the easy kind) and such.  Shouldn't they KNOW this?!  So after a few clicks of her mouse she shuffled me back to the lab for the bloodwork.  Whew!  9:45.  Still sitting.  Just after 10, they called my name.
This nurse I knew.  I asked "Whats the delay".
Nurse: "There was someone before you"
Me:  "um, I thought I had the first appt.  I was the first person here"
Nurse: "um...well he had surgeries this morning"

So for these types of visits (see photo) I get the old stirrup treatment.  I sat in this room, undressed from the waist down for another 45 mins.  I know - nice, right?

There's alot more to this story, but it was basically a waste of my time.  I went to the main office that is a VERY long drive (so my husband could come too) and I have no more information than I would have if I would have just went to the local branch office he visits one day a week.  I told them what I wanted on the phone when again, THEY called ME!  Lo and behold, I have to have - more tests - before we can get to the consult, which is why we went ALL the way down to the main office in the first place.  So I was 4 hours late for my job, and now I have to make up my time.

So yea, to my doctor's office - you need to SUCK IT.  Infertility, you can suck it too!

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