Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I stand by my original statement...

Hyundai can still suck it.  I took my car in on a Wednesday.  I had not heard anything so I called late Thursday.  I was told that they had ordered a new ignition cylinder and hoped that would do the trick.

Hoped.  Nice.

So Monday, still nothing.  I finally called and asked. It was ready since Thursday.
Me:  "Why didnt anyone call me"
Them: "We called back on Thursday"
Me:  "You didn't call the numbers we left you with"
King Asshat gave me the number he called.  It was hubs work number, that has no voicemail capability and could go to anyone.
Me: "Did you leave a message"
Them:  "I don't recall" 

So I went back to get it, only to find out now that warranty will replace the ignition keys but did not cover to re-key the doors, glove box, and trunk.  So now the key that starts my car will not lock it, so if my electronic key fob ever goes out, I have to carry 2 identical keys.  The cause of said damage?  "Your keychain is too heavy"  Really?  So now I get to carry an extra key on it? SUPER!  And the nice special valet key that came with the car is now worthless, because they wont replace that either.  My car is only 2 1/2 years old for effs sake!

So yea, Hyundai can most definitely suck it.

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