Monday, August 2, 2010

Always at work, someone needs to suck it...

I had a suck-it free weekend.  It's no surprise to me that work brought it on.  I received an email from an internal contact in regards to a dispute on a billing issue.  I replied direct to the customer, told them it was currently rated as per their expectations and asked our invoicing team to send a fresh copy. 

This was the customer's response:

Yes, we know. The email I sent that you are responding to was sent on June 24. This is now Aug 2. The situation was settled by other people responding much sooner. But thanks anyway.

Of course, I did not realize the email was over a month old.  I got it as a new issue and treated it as such.  I did an email search only to find the "people responding much sooner" was ME! I had already resolved this on June 25, so the only thing I was guilty of was not searching before I responded.

My response to her (with her name being changed to protect her asshattery).  I also included a copy of the email chain from June 25.

Hi Hag! Happy Monday to you.
Yes, I believe I assisted with this issue when it came up on June 24. I received today's email from another internal collegue as if this were a new issue and didnt even notice the date. Believe the cargo wasn't pricing correctly because the incorrect customer name was provided at time of booking but seems that we got that cleared up. Sorry I didnt catch that before replying.
Have a great week!

I can't exactly tell a customer to suck it, but I believe that I can consider this a backhanded suck it.

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