Friday, February 11, 2011

Thanks, and HAPPY FRIDAY!

Well, it's Friday, and the end of a pretty good week for me. 

Thanks to everyone for your input and support so far.  My WIP now has over 900 words.  I feel very accomplished!  I've also noticed that since I am focusing so much on my WIP, I have been able to tune out the negative things around me.  Even if I am not actually writing, I'm too busy thinking about what my MC will be doing next, instead of letting the toxicity at my 9 to 5 bog me down. 

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


  1. It really is wonderful when our writing makes life easier and keeps us from getting too down on ourselves. COngrats on 900 words! That's awesome!

  2. I heard John Updike speak once and the interviewer asked him how he wrote so many books and he said "one word at a time."
    There's genius in beginning.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement! You guys rock!