Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In Which I Gush About Kiersten White...

Last Thursday, I drove from Houston to Dallas, specifically Irving, to attend yet another writer event.  Kiersten White was stopping by on her only visit to Texas.  I couldn't miss it, right?  There's more to this story.  Last year, I picked up Paranormalcy and loved it.  I lent it to my best friend's daughter, Morgan.  She's 13.  I didn't see it again for several months.  I went to her house for the Super Bowl and asked about it.   As she brought it to me, she showed me the soda-stained pages and said it wasn't her fault.  The corners of the covers were wore completely out.  She had carried that book with her EVERYWHERE, and read it about six times in just a few months.  I give her a hard time about me having to replace that copy, but secretly I love that she loved to read this book so much!  SO, when I heard Kiersten was coming, I told my BFF, and we planned the surprise trip to see Kiersten.  My BFF couldn't come so it was just me and the Kiddo on a road trip.  She was bugging me the whole time on where we were going, what we were doing and for the first time ever I think I surprised her.  The proof, well, it's in the pudding.
There were two events -- early for teens with crafts and such.  Later for adults.  We attended both.
Crafting with Kiersten

The perfect duct-tape pencil case for Evie's first day at school!

Kiersten the photobomber

Oh, then there was the talk and signing.  
I don't remember what she said right here, but I'm sure it was funny.  Everything she said was funny!!

I love that she had different colored sharpies!
And then there was swag...

Ok, sorry for all the photos.  It was so much fun.  Kiersten was such a trip!  She interacted with everyone and got everyone, including my 13 year old shy companion, involved with the activities.  She really is awesome!   Every author has something new that inspires me, and this was no different.  This day's lesson - it's ok to write as yourself -- as your own voice.  So today, I am!

A special thanks to the Irving Public Library for such an amazing event.  I can't wait to go back!

Happy Tuesday all!


  1. It was such a great signing! And it was so fun to meet you! Hope to do it again sometime. :)

  2. Oooh she looks and sounds wonderful. ^_^ I'm glad you and Morgan had such a great time.


  3. I'm so glad y'all went!! And you met Kim before me!! JEALOUS!!!

  4. this seems like so much fun, eek!